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Level 2

Autosized Strings by ref in InstallScript

Hi all,

In the documentation I saw this statement:

An autosized string variable that is passed by reference to a function is not autosized within the called function. If the function attempts to assign a value whose length is greater than the current size of that parameter, run-time error 401 occurs

Yet, when I tried this situation everything worked ok even if an autosized string was passed by reference and was resized inside the function.

prototype xxx(byref string, byref string);

a = "a";
b = "b";
xxx(a,b); // Will assign larger string constants into the arguments

So, should I adapt my code to the above statement or not?

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Level 6

Interesting fact, this sentence is also contained in the IS2009 documentation but I can't producude the mentioned error either. This limitation would be really bad.

Would be great when a IS developer could say a word about this.

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