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Automation interface with C#


I am trying to migrate our C# Project thats automates builds for us, from IS 2016 to IS2022. Previously a NuGet package called ISWiAuto23 was used, which appeared to wrap up some COM dll's into interop dll's.

I am manually adding the DLL's as project references, and have an issue in that I can Add a reference to ISWiAutomationLib.dll, but it is not giving me all the objects on the ISWiProject Object. 

For Example:

ISWiProject isProject = null;

isProject.ISWiProductConfigs is throwing an error saying that theres no definition for it, and looking in the decompiled Interface _ISWiProject I cant see it either.

The documentation on your website says that its still a Collection property in ISWiProject.

I have tried adding a reference to ISWiAuto28, but VS2022 will not resolve it and create an Interop dll.

Any help would be appreciated.


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