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Automating ism in Install shield

Is there a way to automate the process of Release creation rather doing manually from wizard?
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Hi @skummara,


Yes, its possible to automate using the automation interfaces.  More information on the automation interfaces can be found :

Sample VB script code to add new release:


Set oISM = CreateObject("ISWiAuto23.ISWiProject")

' this time, open project as read-write
oISM.OpenProject "D:\MySetups\BuildMe.ism", False

' get existing configuration
Set oMyConfig = oISM.ISWiProductConfigs("DemoVersion1")
' add new release to existing configuration
Set oNewRelease = oMyConfig.AddRelease("new")

' set release properties
oNewRelease.Compressed = True

oNewRelease.SetupEXE = True
oNewRelease.TargetOS = 3 ' i.e., os9xNT: include both engines
' ...set other properties...
' if you want, build the new release

oNewRelease.Build( )

' for testing

MsgBox "Done!"

' this time, save the project before closing it



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