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Automatic install of Visual C++ Redistributable 2008 with Installshield 2010 Express

I use a licensed Installshield 2010 Express to create an installation routine, which has to install the Visual C++ redistributable 2008 if the host has not previously installed this redistributable's version.
The Installshield 2010 Express offers a prerequisite for Visual C++ redistributable but in the version 2005. Is there a possibility to obtain the .prq-File for the prerequisite by the version 2008 of the redistributable?????

I have tried to check if the corresponding registry entry for the 2008th version is available in the host and if not, my installation routine installs it from the file, which is included in the installation routine. But when my installation starts the install of the included vc_redist2008.exe, this installation does not never end successfully, because another installation (namely my own installation routine) is running.

Any ideas????
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I'm not sure that I fully understand your question, but I suspect the problem is that you're trying to do more than you have to.

If you include the required C++ libraries as redistributables in your InstallShield project, then you don't have to run vcredist_x86.exe as a prerequisite.

You can add redistributables in InstallionDesigner / 2 Specify Application Data / Redistributables.

You can download the most current redistributables from Flexera by selecting Tools / Redistributable Downloader
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Thank you for your reply. But i still have the same problem. The problem is that the Installshield Express 2010 does not offer the possibility to download the C++ redistributable 2008 and i need that my installation routine installs it, if the host computer has not it installed.
I have read in a forum that a new entry can be introduced in the Installation Designer | 2 Specify Application Data | Redistributables, if a .prq file is copied to the installation path of the Install shield. The problem is that i cannot found such .prq file nowhere.
can somebody help me???
Thank you
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Hi Eva,

I think what Chip is referring to is the Merge Modules for the various Visual C++ runtimes. These don't ship with InstallShield, but they do ship with the version of Visual Studio you're using to compile your project (typically, anyways).

So, I would investigate the folder on the machine with Visual Studio, and copy these over to the same folder where InstallShield lives:

c:\program files\common files\merge modules\

From there, it's a matter of check the redist view for the libraries that your application uses, and selecting them. (vc_redist.exe actually contains a series of these merge modules, so you can include all of them if you're not sure, or use the Dependency Scanning functionality to figure out which ones you are using)

Hope this helps.
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my problem is that my install routine installs another application, which needs Visual C++ Runtime 2008 to run correctly. For that reason i cannot figure out with the Dependency Scanning functionality, which merge modules my install routine are using.

I have tried the solution of Cary R. but i cannot find in my computer the merge modules introduced with my installed Microsoft Visual Studio. Cary R., can you please say me where i can find the folder under the installed Microsoft Visual Studio, where the merge modules are found????

Do you think that with the Professional version of Installshield my desire can be comfortable fulfilled and via the Installshield's GUI???

Thank you in advance
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Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran

Hi Eva Quiles.
I totally sympathise with your plight.
Although the Visual Studio 2008 runtimes are available as merge modules in Installshield 2010, they only become initialised at the end of the install, which means you cannot register your own c++ dlls that were compiled for Visual Studio 2008 during the install. Or start c++ Windows NT services that were compiled for Visual Studio 2008 during the install.
This is of course ridiculous and I am flabbergasted that Flexera don't put more pressure on Microsoft to fix this bug in the merge module.
The only answer I can see is to execute the runtime package (vcredist_x86.exe) prior to your main install.
I tried reverse engineering the runtime package with no success.
I raised this issue a couple of months ago on this forum and the Installshield engineer passed the buck to Microsoft who they say are responsible for this particular merge module.
This situation nullifies any advantage of using Installshield for Windows Installer over a script based installer.
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