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Assembly binding redirect.

In .NET you can use an XML formatted configuration file to make an assembly load a different version of dependent assembly by supplying a binding redirect element. This configuration file can apply to a specific application or machine wide with machine.config
The documentation states “Use one tag for each assembly.”
I am having a hard time making Install Shield’s “XML File Change” feature create binding redirects for multiple assemblies. There is also a problem with adding a binding redirect to a config file that already has multiple binding redirects (It tends to want to modify all the existing dependentAssembly blocks!).
Has anyone figured out how to deal with this problem yet?
What did you do? Could you make the XML File Change feature work or did you use a different approach?

This clearly is not a new problem:
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Level 5

The short answer is “Yes”, Install shield’s “XML File Change” facility can be used to add binding redirect information to configuration files. You’ll need to understand XPath structure and functions. Here are the resources I used:

You will also need to know how “Xml File Change” works inside and out. Start with the IS documentation(search for xpath). However the only way you’ll truly understand how "XML File Change" works is to use the test feature (right click on XML file). Start simple and add more complexity.

Make sure you test both install and uninstall.

You may want to test well formed but incorrectly structured config files too.
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