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Application Upgrade Issues

I have a recapture a application, version 2.0. When attempting to use the upgrade table to remove the previous 1.0 application, I am receiving the error message "a newer version exists". The application is a in house developed application. First version was a recapture as well. I reviewed the versioning in the first ISM and it does show a 1.00 version. The new version ISM is set to 2.0. In order to work around this issue I created a system search to check for the previous application and return a property, then created a custom action to kick off the msiexec.exe /x {guid} /qn command using this results.
I have tried setting up the custom action as Asychronous and Syncrhonous (check exit code), Immediate Execution, etc. However I am forced to set the execution of the action in the Install Exec Seq after cost finalize, which cause me to receive the error "another install is already in progress".
Does anyone have any suggestion on how to kick off the msiexec.exe /x earlier in the sequence? Or other method i can incorporate into my final msi that will help me remove the previous version? Yes, I can create a generic wrapper to run the uninstall first, then kick off this install, however since we are moving to SCCM 2012 and the use of application models, i would prefer to get this working in the msi. Any Help is much appreciated.

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Issue Resolved..

Ok, I posted a little to quickly. I am not sure exactly what was incorrect. However I blew away my intial "add major upgrade" item in Media / Upgrades and recreated the upgrade. All is working correctly now. thanks.

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