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App-V error messages

Wanting to see if anyone has an idea about an error we are getting when trying to run applications via App-V.
This is educational software, and some are the same Vendor, Same product, but different editions. This causes problems because the folder structure from Start>Programs>(Vendor Name)>Product Name.

Error we get is:
Error message when you try to start an application in SoftGrid Client: "A package with the same asset folder name already exists. Error code: xxxxxx-xxxxxx09-0000E019"

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When you try to start an application in Microsoft SoftGrid Client, the application does not start. Additionally, you receive the following error message:
The SoftGrid Client could not launch application_name.
A package with the same asset folder name already exists. Please report the following error code to your System Administrator.
Error code: xxxxxx-xxxxxx09-0000E019
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This issue occurs when an application that has the same package root directory already exists in the SoftGrid Client cache.
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To resolve this issue, use one of the following methods:
• Remove the conflicting application from the SoftGrid Client cache.

Important Do this only if you want the application to be permanently disabled.
• Re-sequence the new application by using a different package root directory.
• Open the new application in the Sequencer, click Save As, and then specify a new package root directory.

For example, consider the following scenario. SoftGrid Example Application 7.0 is sequenced to "Q:\sft_ea.v1," and is started in the SoftGrid Client. Then, SoftGrid Example Application 8.0 is sequenced to "Q:\sft_ea.v1," and is started in the SoftGrid Client.

In this scenario, SoftGrid Example Application 7.0 is already in cache, and it is using "Q:\sft_ea.v1." Therefore, SoftGrid Example Application 8.0 does not start.

We are Windows Vista across the company. We also, do not want multiple folders in Start>Programs with the same folder name with slight variations of the folder name.

Is there a way to resolve this problem, or anyone else run into this?
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Unless I am mistaken, it seems that you have multiple versions of the same software and want to make only one version available to the user at a time. In this situation you will probably want to configure the App-V package for each new version of the software as an upgrade of the App-V package created for the previous version.

You can do this in InstallShield by going to the Microsoft App-V Assistant - Package Information page - Upgrade Settings option in left side under More Options. Then select the package that was built previously for the previous version and build.

The new App-V package that is created in this manner should upgrade the previously published version and not run into the error you are seeing.

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