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An error occurred streaming issetup dll support file site

I've looked for this all over the net and here and while I get some hits. The solutions don't seem to match...

Had this install for quite a few versions and now in 2011. It's been fine building in the IDE and the Stand-alone build until today. The change was someone wanted a new function and decided to include a new Setup.rul file. The Setup.rul is located in the same directory as the .ism file. So I imported it (with browse) and in the IDE built it and it was fine. Checked in the code, had the build box build it and kaboom.

Opened up the .ism in a text editor and saw that the reference to the setup.rul file was "<ISPROJECTDIR>\Script Files\Setup.rul". That seems odd in that I browsed to the same directory as the .ism - and it built in the IDE. So I hand deleted the "\Script Files" part of the entry and the IDE didn't build. On my build box, I hand copied the Setup.rul file to a directory of "\Script Files\Setup.rul" and the command line built.

Why is this happening and why the difference between IDE and SB? Also, the "ISScriptFile" row shows that directory - why?

Thanks for any and all help.
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Level 2

It seems iscmdbld.exe and isbuild.exe do not compile setup.rul when setup.inx is NOT present in the scripts folder. I found a workaround to the problem. Call iscmdbld.exe twice, like so:

iscmdbld -p "Full Path to the .ism file" -q3 -x

if errorlevel 1 goto :eof

iscmdbld -p "Full Path to the .ism file" -x

I don't know if the -x is important, or even needed. However, the space between the -p and the name of the project file is important. What is interesting is that setup.rul is compiled on the second call. Nifty feature!
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