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Level 4

After upgrading the InstallScriptMSI project from InstallShield 12.0 to InstallShie

Recently we upgrade our installscript MSI project form InstallShield12.0 to Installshield 2010. After upgrading the un-intallation is not working properly. The Problem what we are facing are as follows.
1. Un-installation is only removing the entry form ARP panel.
2. It is leaving all the files in the INSTALLDIR folder.
3. It is leaving the shortcut entries.
4. Leaving all the entries in the registry
5. After un-installations if we are trying to install again it will go to upgrade instead it should start as a fresh installation.
6. While trying to debug it not even entering into script while un-installation.
7. After the installation done if we run the installer again it is going to upgrade mode instead of going to maintenance mode.
Note: This project is designed in InstallShield 11.5 then converted to 12.0
It looks like some where the sequence is going wrong.

Please help me in the solving this problem
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Level 6

Also had problems with uninstalls when upgrading from IS12 to IS2010: there were some changes in the installscript events.

Try putting breakpoints or use the msi logging function to find out what is actually getting called
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