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Accessing ADDLOCAL within User Interface Sequence

Dear all!

I'm having some problems accessing the ADDLOCAL variable to display a list of the selected features in the ReadyToInstall dialog... ADDLOCAL seems to be null at that time...

I actually thought that it should be available after the CostFinalize Action of the UI Sequence...

Is there any other way to get the list of selected features or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot for your help!
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Are you setting the ADDLOCAL property? Unless you specifically set it then it would not have a value. Normally, in the SetupType dialog, we set ADDLOCAL=ALL if you select the Complete/Normal option. The only time we wouldn't set it is if you select the "Custom" option.

If you have modified your dialogs; however, this may not be relevant.

If ADDLOCAL is not set then the default feature behavior will be based on the Install Level of the feature vs. the INSTALLLEVEL property.
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Level 5

Dear Bryan!

I'm not yet familiar with the INSTALLLEVEL property (i'm really a newbie)...

However I'd like to explain my problem again perhaps you can give me some adivces or explain me what I'm getting wrong:

I'd like to prompt a message box (within the ReadyToInstall dialog) with all the features the user has previously selected (within the CustomSetup dialog). Here's what I did so far:
1. I created the following Custom Action:

MsiGetProperty( hMSI, "ADDLOCAL", output, iLen );  

2. I created a button on the ReadyToInstall dialog and assigned it the Custom Action above.

So, what I expect from the above steps is, that as soon as the user clicks on the button, it should display all the features previously selected (e.g. "Feature1, Feature3, Feature7").

What am I doing wrong?

I'd really appreciate your help!
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You might want to try creating a log file and look at the value of the ADDLOCAL property in the log. This will explain why the behavior isn't working as you expect.

See here for more information on creating a log file:
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