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Access 2013 Runtime

Has anyone tried to include the Access 2013 runtime (AccessRuntime_x86_en-us.exe)?

With Access 2007 there was a /quiet switch but it no longer works with Access 2013.
Has anyone found out how to do a quiet install of Access 2013?

Does installing Access 2013 runtime affect other Office products that may be already installed?
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Level 2

Does anyone have a solution for this? I cannot get the access runtime to do a silent deploy. The /q quiet switch does not appear to work.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I had no issue in the past with Access 2002 Runtime or Access 2007 Runtime
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Level 9

That sounds like it comes from Microsoft - have you tried checking with them to see what, if any, valid and available switches are for the Access runtime - We don't have any products that use Access since it is not a corporate level of database program. Instead, everything I work on uses SQL Server.

Microsoft is known to change things completely from one version to the next (I worked there for many years) and may or may not document things. Sometimes doing a /? or an invalid (pick anything) command line switch will display a list of valid switches. If you have not tried that it might give some clue.

Good luck!

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Level 9

I had a few minutes so I downloaded the 2013 flavor of Access Runtime 32-bit
Then I did this

1. Shell to a CMD Prompt
2. Go to the folder where my accessruntime_x86_en-us.exe lives
3. Run accessruntime_x86_en-us.exe /?

It will come up with the usage screen. Looks like they have probably changed the /q to a /quiet switch.

One suggestion is to work on getting a program like this running the way you foresee it - OUTSIDE of the installer - then once you have it working just so, port it into the installer. Otherwise you run the risk of thrashing about and not having a solid way to work through the issue.

I hope that helps. I am not a Flexera or Microsoft employee (any longer) so my opinions are my own.

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