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2012Spring on Windows 8 64 Bit

Has anyone used 2012 Spring on Windows 8 64 bit?
Any issues?
I just moved to Windows 8 64 bit and am having a problem with one of my projects. I get a "ISDEV : warning -4354", which is believable. It seems like some dependency is missing. I tried using "Perform Static Scan" (under Project) and it blows up with an "InstallShield Error". That is not an issue with my new machine because it also did that on my Windows 7 32 bit machine.
If I uncheck "Filter Files" the progress bar goes to completion and I get the "InstallShield needs to close" pop up when I hit Next. If I leave "Filter Files" checked it blows up earlier.

How do I find the dependency?
How do I fix the Static Scan?
I have not yet installed SP1 because I wanted to get to the point where I was with my old machine before introducing another variable.
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I am using InstallShield 2012 on Windows 8 64 bit and don't have any issues so far.

Are you starting InstallShiled in elevated mode? If not give it a try.

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Personally I rely on tools such as Depends, ILDASM, Process Explorer and the source code itself to tell me what my dependencies are.

Then I proceed to determine the best deployment technique for each ( redist, merge module, private deployment ) and manually author that into my installer.

I don't trust automated processes to do this correct (even when they do work).
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