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2.8.410 is an newer version than 2.10.1?


I have just upgraded to 2008 from 10.5 and trying to build a basic MSI package that should upgrade an existing InstallScript installation. The old install has version 2.8.430, the new installation has version 2.10.1. Both installations have the same Upgrade Code.

When installing the new version ontop of the old one the installation pops up with the message:

A newer version of this applcation is already installed on this PC. Please deinstall the newer version before installing this application.*

*Both installationa are in dutch so the text is translated end may differ from the actually english one.

I tried to make a special Upgrade scenario for 2.8 to update the versions 2.8.0 to 2.8.9999 but with no difference. Also making a update scenario with just this specific version has no effect.

I changed the version number of the new installation to:

2.10.610 ... no effect
2.9.610 ... no effect
3.10.610 ... no effect

It likes to be impossible to update a InstallScript installation with a MSI installation...
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Flexera Alumni

I'm a bit puzzled: InstallScript projects don't have an Upgrade Code value, so I'm not sure what matches up between the old InstallScript and new MSI projects. Perhaps the MSI project is finding another MSI?

I gather common practice is to uninstall the old InstallScript installer with a custom action, and then install the new MSI product...
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