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HOTFIX: InstallAnywhere 2013 HotFix C

HOTFIX: InstallAnywhere 2013 HotFix C


This is HotFix C for InstallAnywhere 2013. HotFixes are cumulative so this HotFix also encompasses HotFix A and HotFix B.


InstallAnywhere 2013 Public HotFix C addresses the following issues:

IOJ-1563357Installer fails to launch when run on Windows Server 2012 R2 with a 64 bit 1.7.0_55 JVM.
IOJ-1563408Mac OS X Launcher bundled with latest Java 7 JRE (1.7.0_55) does not set correct permissions on the JRE
IOA-000083907Unable to install Dynamic Merge Module on Mac OS X for Oracle Java 7 (Applicable for both the WithVM and WithoutVM for Oracle Java 7)
IOA-000082894Empty folders can not be added on Mac using the "Add" button within "Add files"
IOA-000082895VM Pack Utility does not open on Mac OS X
IOA-000073108Request to not show the message "Installer: No 'sea_loc' in working directory, could not define $EXTRACTOR_EXECUTABLE$"
IOA-000083192On OS X, "With VM" installers still require Java 6 to be installed on the system.
IOA-000084136OS X Java 7 launcher does not detect and use a Java 7 JRE installed on target machine.
IOA-000084137The installed bundled VM Pack does not have execute permissions set on the Java executable when installed on OS X.
IOA-000083351Bundled JVM for OS X only installs if a LaunchAnywhere has been included in the project despite specifying appropriate Bundled VM settings.
IOC-000087287Long pause between splash screen and first dialog if a pure Java installer is launched from a path which contains many directories and files.
IOA-000078280Pure Java installer run in debug mode with -DLAX_DEBUG=true recursively outputs every file in the current working directory to the console.
IOA-000083801Help file displays improperly in Internet Explorer 11 and the latest versions of Chrome.
IOA-000082905Project load warning dialog pops up when creating a non-basic template project after IA is registered using Premier license.
IOA-000081853Extraneous text found in install log for pt_BR locale.
IOA-000082545Registered version of InstallAnywhere displayed as Eval version in the Update Manager.
IOA-000081791Japanese and Chinese text is truncated when displayed on Show Message Dialog.
IOA-000084312Advanced designer does not retain the Installer UI ->Look and feel settings->Installer Steps settings.
IOA-000083563Unable to set and retain the auto populate checkbox setting under Installer UI ->Installer Steps labels settings in IA 2013 Advanced designer.
IOA-000083359Uninstallation on OS X does not remove uninstaller directory when bundled with Oracle JRE 7.
IOA-000083358When a rollback is triggered on OS X using an installer bundled with Oracle JRE 7, the jre folder is not uninstalled.
IOA-000083844Unable to proceed past the Create Alias Panel on OS X target machine with only Java 7 JRE installed.
IOA-000084473On Mac OS X Lion (10.7.3+) with VM and without VM Java 7 launchers will not run.
IOA-000084469Mac OS X with VM launcher is unable to launch when run from a mounted .dmg file.
IOA-000084471Ant task does not have ability to differentiate two "without VM" choices for Mac OS X
IOA-000084456Command line build does not have ability to differentiate two without VM choices for Mac OS X.
IOA-000084472Size of bundled VM is not included in required disk space on Mac OS X.
IOA-000084506When building a Mac OS X with VM target the build log is omitted.


In order to install the HotFix, please download the file listed below that corresponds to the edition of InstallAnywhere being used:

· InstallAnywhere 2013 English Edition -
· InstallAnywhere 2013 Japanese Edition -

This zip file contains two files:

· readme.txt

The file readme.txt contains instructions to apply the HotFix. Those instructions are duplicated below for convenience:

1. Make sure InstallAnywhere 2013 is not running.

2. Using a terminal (or command shell), go to the directory where you installed InstallAnywhere 2013 and back up the following files and directories:

Copy "/" to "/"
Copy "/resource/launchanywheres/macosx" to "/resource/launchanywheres/macosx_orig"
Copy "/resource/self_extractors/macosx" to "/resource/self_extractors/macosx_orig"
Copy "/resource/build/iaant.jar" to "/resource/build/iaant_orig.jar"
Copy "/resource/build/BuildProperties.xml" to "/resource/build/BuildProperties_orig.xml"
Copy "/resource/" to "/resource/"
Copy "/resource/manifests" to "/resource/manifests_orig"
Copy "/manual" to "/manual_orig"
Copy "/iatemplates" to "/iatemplates_orig"
Copy "/VMPackUtility/readMe.txt" to "/VMPackUtility/readMe_orig.txt"
Copy "/VMPackUtility/Utility.jar" to "/VMPackUtility/Utility_orig.jar"

3. In that installation home directory, extract the contents of the ZIP file: inside: or

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