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Execute Ant Script Action

Execute Ant Script Action


This article provides information about the options in the Execute Ant Script Action.


This article provides information about the options in the Execute Ant Script action.


Execute Ant Script allows developers to execute scripts designed for the Apache Jakarta Project?s Ant application. If this action is selected, InstallAnywhere bundles Ant with the application.

To set up an Execute Ant Script action, set the following options on the customizer:


Ant Build Script

Identify the Ant build script you want to execute by choosing one of the following options:

  • Specify Build Script?Click Choose File to identify the script file you want to use. Navigate to the build script file and click Open. To examine the build script you selected, click View Script.
  • Use Existing/Installed Build Script?Type the path and filename for an Ant build script file that either exists already or will be installed on the target system.

Specify Build Properties

To optionally identify a build properties file to use with the build script, select this option and then click Choose File to identify the properties file to use.

Substitute IA Variables in Build Properties

Select this option to resolve any InstallAnywhere variables in the build properties file you selected.

Ant Target

To specify an Ant target, choose one of the following options:
  • Use Default Target?Select this option to use the target defined in the build script as the default target.
  • Use Specified Target?Select this option to use the target you specify in the text box. This option allows you to execute the build script with a target other than the default target.

Show Indeterminate Dialog

Choose this option to show a message dialog while the Ant script is running. In the text box, enter the message that you want the indeterminate dialog box to show when the installer runs this action.


Ant supports a number of additional tasks. These tasks typically require an external library separate from the core Ant tasks. To include an external library, click Add jar or zip and select the external library that you want to include in this action. Click Remove to remove an archive listed in the text box.

Note ? InstallAnywhere automatically adds dependencies required by the Execute Ant Script action.

Additional Information

The Execute Ant Script action is only for developers familiar with Ant. For more information, visit the Apache Ant site.

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