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Level 5

how could i set a value to the isntall anywhere variable...

hi all.. i am trying to set a variable named java_exectute .. i want to set the jdk path from the windows registry as the value of this variable..

to know wat i am trying to do.. i want to check the local machine for the existence of a particular version of the jdk before installing my project..

hope some one in this forum will help me..........

thank you
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Level 5

i noticed under.. pre install .. add action.. i have option to add multiple variables.. i added a variable java_execute.. but dont know how to specify the value to it.. i mean the path of jdk from windows registry:confused:
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Level 7

You are probably going to have to write some java code to use the Win32RegistryService class to get the value out of the registry. Once you have the value you can pass it into the variable that you created.
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Flexera Alumni

There should be a "Get Windows Registry Entry" action you can use; you might also search the lists of IA variables and LAX variables for those pertaining to JVM usage.
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