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Windows Server 2008 support??


do we have an offical line on when windows server 2008 will be supported?

As it is not listed under the features as a supported OS.

Is is going to be a patch release ( i.e. free ) on IA 2008?

My company wants to be upgrading soon ( from IA 7.1.3 ) but if WS2008 isn't supported then we will need to go else where.

From a quick search its seems others are using it on the beta, has there been any problems or does it just work out-of-the-box because of similarities to Vista?

Thanks for your time,

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Level 5

We tested an installer on a beta version of Win Server 2008 and we thought that it seems to work like vista but we dont put much time in this kind of tests yet, so maybe there are some problems we dont know yet...
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