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Windows 7 dll file copying and registration permission issue


I have install anywhere 11 standard edition. I am trying to copy dll file and register it in windows 7 but it doesn't work. It fails without error. Administrator privileges are required I think but I don't know how to run these as administrator.

The following script works fine and copies files into a public directory but administrative privileges are required to copy in system dir and register a dll.

CMD /C COPY "$USER_INSTALL_DIR$$\$ XYZ $\$*.* " "$SYSTEM_32$$\$"
CMD /C COPY "$USER_INSTALL_DIR$$\$ XYZ $\$*.* " "$SYSTEM_64$$\$"

CMD /C "$SYSTEM_64$$\$regsvr32" "$USER_HOME$$\$AppData$\$Local$\$MyApp$\$xyz.dll

setup works fine in windows xp.

Many Thanks
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Any help on this would be much appreciated. Has anyone done something similar where they copied dll files in system dir and registed them on windows 7?

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Hi Zeeshan,

As i learned from your issue that registering a .dll file would require admin privileges and Installanywhere Standard edition does not elevate its installation as admin in case your installation requires some super privileges.

But this feature(plus lot more) is a part of Installanywhere Enterprise.

I would strongly recommend you to upgrade to Enterprise (latest being IA 2011 SP3) to avail all the features as per your requirement.

Hope this Helps!

Madhav Pai
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