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Want to use 3 digit version number instead of 4 digit version number InstallAnywhere 2018


   I'm using InstallAnywhere 2018 this version for my application. Is there any way to use 3 digit version number instead of 4 digit version number in  InstallAnywhere 2018?

For example : -> 7.1.0

Currently InstallAnyWhere using four digit versions even if I removed last digit subversion.


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We are also facing this issue, there is no option available to change the 4 digit version in installanywhere.

Its very difficult for the user if we want to manage 3 digit version or 2 digit simply its impossible to user any other version other then 4 digit version 


InstallAnywhere supports only 4 digit version format  by design. Currently there is no way to set it as 3 digit version.

Please open a Flexera ticket to raise enhancement for future release.


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Thanks for reply.
Can you please guide me how to open Flexera ticket.
I have gone through below steps. But giving error that you don't have additional rights to access this content.
Get Supoort -> Open New Case
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Please send an email to support@revenera.com