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Level 6

User selection for Radio buuton

HI frnds,
In the custom pannel i have two radio buttons (Yes/No) ,based on the use selection i want to show diffrent custom pannel.Am not getting any idea how to change the custom pannel based on the user selection.

could any tell me what excatlly "Results vatiable:$USER_INPUT_RESULT_49$" wil do.

am new to the installanywhere 2008 Enterprise edtion.

If any one having the url for Radio Button please share me.

Advanced thanks and regards

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Level 7

$USER_INPUT_RESULT_49$ is the variable that is getting set if the user selects Yes. If the user selects Yes then $USER_INPUT_RESULT_49$ should equal "1". It looks like you need to add a No radio button to your panel as well.
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