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User Input Panel based on fields in a properties file?

Hello all,
I am pretty new to InstallAnywhere and I am wondering how one may go about attempting this. I need to create a panel that prompts the user for different input based upon fields in a .properties file. For example:
User={administrative user}

Based from this, I'd like a panel to be created that would have 3 fields that allowed user input: User, Password, and Version. If there is a value in the .properties file for a specific field, I'd like that to be the suggested value in the box in the panel.

I'd like this to be generic enough, that if i passed it a different .properties file with different values, those would be accepted and displayed.

Has anyone done something like this? Am I completely off base in trying to do something this way?

Thanks in advance.
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Use the Properties file reader plugin to read in the properties file as InstallAnywhere variables.
Then create your panel using those variables.
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