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Level 2

Silent install not working with InstallAnywhere 2018

With older versions, it worked fine but not with InstallAnywhere 2018. I create a properties file by using the gui installer with "-r" and that seems to work fine however I have selected non-default locations for the executable and data folders - those locations are properly reflected in However, when I run myexecutable.exe -i silent -f ".\" it uses the default locations for both executable and data files rather than using the locations specified in Can anyone help me figure out where I'm going wrong?
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Level 6

have you verified that all other values are being used from response file along with install path. I believe installer is not taking values from response file.
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Level 2

InstallScript MSI and InstallScript projects, you need to record a response file that records the end-user interaction. This response file is passed to Setup.exe so that the installation can be run. The traditional silent installation works almost exactly the same as regular installations. It follows the same script logic as the regular installation cleanmaster.
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