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Level 6

Silent Installation


I am creating a project in which there are two setups say Setup1 and Setup2 and both have user input fields like selet installation folder, setup type selection and feature selection etc. Now, Setup1 after the installation of its components, calls Setup2. In Setup1 e create and modify a file say file and pass this as parameter.

The command that I am using is:

1. I am using "Exceute a command" action for this.
2. I am using the command: Setup2.exe -i silent -f

But this is not working. Is there any problem in running the setup this way.

Also I have not checked the "silent" check box in Installer's UI selection part of the project, I am creating only GUI setups. Do I need to select "silent" check box as well or this command should work irrespective of that selection.

Anyways I am not able to install Setup2 in silent mode. Can someone please suggest a solution. I really need this on urgent basis.

Thanks for your valuable time.
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Level 20

Normally, nothing's wrong with this approach, but your IA projects are essential in order to debug this issue.
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Level 3

You need to check off silent as an allowable UI mode in order to be able to run the installer silently. I'm guessing that may be your problem...
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