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Level 6

Rules setting for features.

Hi friends,

Could you please help me on this,

I want to show the feature list from the chose install set panel based on the Solaris operating system version like 9x and 10.

In the rule push button I can able see only Solaris ,here I cont able to find any versions like windows 2003 /XP.

Here my requirement is one of my feature will support only Solaris 9 version ,another feature will support in Solaris 10

Advanced Thanks,

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Level 3

You can try with custom rule , if you know command for retrieving solaris version.
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Level 6

Hi prabhu,

can you please tell me where custom rule will place in the installanywhere.

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Level 20

I think you don't need custom code, you might simply launch an uname -a which should return the Solaris version:

user@solaris:~$ uname -a
SunOS solaris 5.10 Generic_118833-17 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-5_10

You just have to parse the output and maybe set a couple of variable $IS_9$ and $IS_10$ and install features based to the either variable being true.
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