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Root Privilege command can Not be executed in Console install/uninstall mode


Recently, I'am using InstallAnywhere 2011 Enterprise Edition to make installer for SUSE Linux 11 sp1, And I found a bug in InstallAnywhere:

I added a "Execute Script/batch file Action in pre-uninstall to run a root privilege command such as reboot, kill -9 $pid..., disillusionarily, the command can NOT be executed when I run install/uninstall in Console mode, it can only be executed successfully in GUI mode!

Can anyone help me on this? Thanks!
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Please provide SUSE Linux version. For example SUSE Linux 11.0 or 11.1 and also provide the JRE which has been used for the installer.

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Hi jensench,

Installanywhere provides a built-in plugin called "Execute as root"

Request you to try your requirement using this plugin and let us know if you still face any problems.

But, It has dependency on TCL/TK and Expect.

Please make sure you configure them before using the plugin

Hope this Helps

Madhav Pai
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