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Level 2

Rebrand Installer


Is there any way to "rebrand" an installer so by changing a parameter or option for the install you can get a different Product Name/Graphics/text in the install, etc.

We don't want to produce 2 (or more) full installs for the a couple of graphic and text changes in the install

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Level 7

Are you building your project files with IsCmdBld.exe? If so you can set a different product name using the -z parameter. As for dialog backgrounds a solution is to have the same name for different graphics, located in different folders and use the -l parameter to specify the right path variable.

For more info you can search Help for "Using ISCmdBld.exe to Build a Release from the Command Line".

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Level 20

As the installer bundles all resources (including graphic) from the beginning in the file, I'm afraid that for rebranding you need to rebuild it with different sets of graphics (this is what we've done when we had to do such rebranding).
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Level 5

Another option is to create a common merge module and put most (or all) of your files, installer panels, and actions in it. Then create multiple branded parent installers and include the common merge module in them.
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