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Project Automation Custom Code Panel Issues

We have built a few project files from scratch using the Install Anywhere 2018 application to build an installer that adds or removes a localization package  to a local install of our server software. We are now beginning the project automation portion so that it will automatically construct a project file for every language kit (about 20 different languages) we need to be able to produce and install. So far most things havent been too hard. However, our code has several custom code panels, but I do not see any means  of creating a custom code panel when I look through the  package. I don't understand why I can add a custom code panel to an action group in the GUI but there is no simple means to do it in the automation code.  The attached photo has the areas I am looking to duplicate highlighted in red boxes. The only thing I see related to running custom code in a panel is the plugin panels and that does not seem to be quite right. Am I missing something here ? Please Help!!!!

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