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Newbie question: how to document user variables?

Good afternoon,
I have just started working with InstallAnywhere, and I have following issue:
I am working on an existing iap_xml installation file, which contains quite some user variables. Their value can be "Yes", "No", "true", "false", "Express", "Advanced", ..., which makes it quite difficult to create rules, based on those variables.
I had hoped that in the "Variables" chapter, I could find some relevant information, but unfortunately the "Help" column of user defined variables seems to be empty.

Does anybody know how I can put information in the "Help" column of the "Variables" chapter? Like this I could document all user defined variables, which would makes life much easier.


Meanwhile I am more experienced in using InstallAnywhere, and I have learned about the action "Output to Console" and how to use it.
Unfortunately I am working with an installer input which contains masses of variables, and it's quite a big task to copy all of them into an "Output to Console" box.
Is there a way to output all variables (or all variables which are used in the installation) into the "Output to Console" action?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Newbie question: how to document user variables?

There is a "Output Debug Information" action. Select "InstallAnywhere Variables" in the list of data to be output and select the "Output to the console (stderr)" checkbox.
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