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Newb question

Ok, I just downloaded the eval version of InstallAnywhere 2009 Standard and I'm a little confused.. I'm getting comfortable with InstallShield 2009 so I'm now lost with this product.

How do I get to the code or is this pure wizard based? Based on the help file I see things like, "About Custom Code and Variables" and "Custom Code APIs", but the help doesn't tell me how to get to the code. How do you customized dialogs? I see the dialog names, but I can't seem to be edit them or create new ones with my own look. I need dialogs with checkboxes and radiobuttons and things to be disabled if the user unchecks certain checkboxes.. Searching for Custom Dialogs and there doesn't seem to be anything about it.

Does this product allow for these things?
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Flexera Alumni

It's generally wizard-based, though you can write custom code actions and custom code panels in Java to extend the built-in functionality. For new dialogs there are also simple and advanced "Get User Input" panels where you build up panels from individual controls.

The InstallAnywhere page has a bit more general information, too:
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