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Merging different version of the *.iap_xml

I'm wondering if anyone has successfully implemented a strategy for merging iap_xml files with version control tools such as git.

These "xml files" are extremely difficult to merge across branches since they spit out a lot of random numbers which are changed every time the file is saved. For example:

The objectID will often change, causing tons of merge conflicts, even though we've made no modifications to that particular piece of the installer.

I'd love for Flexera to implement some kind of persistent objectID to avoid these crazy merge conflicts, or have some kind of guideline to properly merge these files.

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Level 3

Were you able to find any solution to the problem.

We are in the same situation and we are thinking of utilizing the static merge modules for the moment.
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Level 3

We have not found a version control solution for this file.

So far, we've been using 1 VM for modifying the iap_xml file and "locking it" while InstallAnywhere work is made. This ensures only one person can modify this file at a time. Once the modifications have been merge back into the main branch, the VM is unlocked.

Not an ideal process since we can't work on the Installer in multiple branches.
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