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Mergeing of Iap.xml file through SVN

Hi All,

We have a requirement that two developers A and B have to work of same project file(project_iap.xml) at the same time.
Suppose A is doing some changes and checked in file on SVN after getting latest of that file. And now developers B wants to chick in his file, then he would also check in his changes after getting latest of that file.

QUES 1: Does project_iap.xml( a xml document) can be merged on svn and changes for any developer will not lost any way ?

QUES 2: any other solution for the same?

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Level 20

It depends. What you should need to know is that when you save the .iap_xml file some lines in the beginning of the file will always be changed, even if the modifications are minor. I guess if both edit at the same time, one commits and the other one updates, the 2nd one risks to have issues. Also you'll need 2 separate licenses for the 2 developpers.
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We work around the problem by splitting the installer up into multiple merge modules. Two developers can work on two merge modules that each go into the same installer. If your project is big enough to support multiple developers, it is probably also big enough to justify using multiple merge modules.
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I have a similar question about an ISM from a project which has been both changed on two branches under SVN that we now must merge.
For many changes, there is no conflict and the XML seems clear enough to accept changes.

The problem we have is about some tables where changes affects the IDs of the ISM/MSI tables. There are conflicts and we cannot merge as is.

Does anyone has merged two ISM with conflicts in database tables?


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