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License agreement encoding issue in Console based installation - Install Anywhere 2018SP1

We are using license agreement in the installer. Once uploaded directly inside the installer, it was showing question mark (?) characters in place of double quotes(") at time of installation. And some wildcard characters at place of hyphen (-) and bullet points.

For fixing this issue, we made a change in installer by specifying the following value under project->JVM Settings->Installer Settings (in InstallAnywhere).


(Reference link  -Japanese License in License Panel - Community (

After doing this setting, the double quotes issue got fixed but we are still getting question mark (?) in place of hyphen and bullets.

<<license agreement character issue.txt>>

Instead of shown characters in attached file we are getting characters as in snap attached


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Hi Dushyant,

Save the License agreement file to ASCII format and try to integrate in installer and verify.

Remove encoding type from jvm Settings.



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