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License Agreement horizontal scrollbar

I recently updated my license agreement to use ordered-lists. This addition forced the web page to be wider, and thus automatically implemented a horizontal scrollbar. I've tried to modify the css to add overflow or overflow-x to the div settings to try to force it to wrap, and tried adding width and height as 100% to the div settings as well. I tried setting the viewport meta to have content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0". Nothing seems to change this behavior.

I tried looking into what version of html and css InstallAnywhere supports so I could make sure I'm using supported properties and what-not, but couldn't find any information on that.

On a side-note, the feature to preview the License Agreement in InstallShield 2017 does not use the same engine as the actual installer, so what it looks like in there is ridiculously different. For example, as far as I could tell any styling was completely ignored, as well as the ordered lists.

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