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LaunchAnywhere with Java 8 throws Error 1053 in Windows 10


We have standalone Java product running on Windows 10.

LaunchAnywhere throws windows error 1053 in windows 10 while launching the java program.

The same Java program is working fine with earlier Java version 6/7

But after upgrading the project to Java 8, LaunchAnywhere is throwing Windows error 1053.

Error1: Error 1053

Error2: the code execution cannot proceed because .dll was not found. reinstalling the program may fix the problem


1) I have set the below property to use the java.exe in the lax vm properties file.\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_241\jre\bin\java.exe

2) I have removed the oraclepath from windows path variable.

3) I have uninstalled all the previous Java versions, there is only one Java version 8.

I have tried with Java jdk1.8.0 the very first version of Java 8 also and jdk1.8.0_241.

But no luck. 

Please help.


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