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Java Requirement


Does InstallAnywhere command line utility: build use java runtime to connect to Flexnet Publisher 11.19 for checking out a license? If yes, what is the minimum version of java runtime IA should have to cconnect to FnP 11.19?

We see that JRE is bundled with InstallShield and InstallAnywhere installers, what is the use of this bundled JRE?

Reason for these questions is, that the IA 2022 build utility fails when command is build -ls port@server is run.


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Level 5

@mrathinam, Can you please check this post and help with answers to the questions? Thanks

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Revenera Moderator

Hi @npenneti FNP does not require Java to check out the license so please wait for IA or IS team to answer this query. 

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InstallAnywhere should use the JRE that was installed with the product.

Please share the screenshot of the build failure.

Hi @vjayaraman 

Actually, we are trying to configure IA 2022 client to use a new Flexnet 11.19 license server by calling the ./build tool from the command line, like below

./build -ls <port@server_name>

But, this is failing with an error: Licensing Failed, Failed reason=Range [-1, -1 + 21] out of bounds for length.

The same command line works with FlexLM 11.16.

This error seems to be thrown by the JAVA runtime. The client on which this command line is executed is configured with different JAVA_HOME. Should we configure JAVA_HOME to use the bundled jre that's with the IA 2022 package to resolve this error.



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