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Installing from Merge Modules and Custom Code

Does anyone use Install Merge Module actions and can you do that using custom code? We have a plan to install from potentially 20 merge modules. The idea is a user would download the merge modules and run a suite installer that would detect the MMs and run them. I can get this to work by hard-coding all 20 of the the Install MM(Install time) actions, each with a file-exists rule. I would like to write some custom code to loop through a list of detected MMs and install them but I can't find any API to do that. The only API references to MergeModule is in BuildDistributionSettings and PropertyFileEncodedLoader. Does anyone have any idea how I can do this?

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Merge Modules can only be imported (bundled into the installer) by the Advanced Designer, not by the API.
There is no such API references present in present in MergeModule class to install MM through custom code.

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Thanks for the reply but I am not importing the merge modules. I am installing from the merge modules at install time. And you are right, there is no API to do what I want.

This is not the solution I was looking for but it may work for someone: You can specify a directory to the Install Merge Module action and it will install ALL MMs in that directory. So you could copy the user-selected MMs into a temp directory and install them from there.
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