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InstallAnywhere 2020: too many properties in response file for silent mode?

Hi everyone! 

We're using Install Anywhere to install our application and have template response files for silent mode already generated, in format 

#var 1 

#and var2 



Everything worked fine until we needed to add new properties to the response file. We added 2 properties and then silent install started to fail without any additional information: 

Retrying Installables deferred in pass 0
Deferral retries done because:
There were no deferrals in the last pass.

As result - nothing is installed. 

After additional manipulations, we found out that we have exactly 15 properties in the response file. You add two - silent install fails. You add one, or remove any of existing properties - silent mode works. Also, removing empty lines or comments won't solve anything, it's the number of the variables that counts. 

We tried the same scenario for the other type of installation - got another template file where we have 9 properties, added 7 - everything works. Add 8th - installer fails. 

Is there any restriction I'm struggle to find? Why 16? Is it something configurable? 



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