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InstallAnywhere 2020 SP1 - ExecuteCustomCode panel not loading dependency jars


We have an existing project in which we are using executecustomcode panel to call java class and run database migrations using database migration tool called flyway. it is working find when we used flyway 6.5.x where we added flyway-core.jar and connector jars. We needed to upgrade flyway version to 9.17 so we had to add more dependencies to the same panel as dependencies like flyway-mysql, flyway-sqlserver and gson. we observed that we are facing an error which only occurs when the flyway-mysql jar is not loaded. we came to this conclusion by using same  java code, same jars using cli where our migrations are working and using install where we are getting database not found error(comes if flyway-mysql jar is not found/loaded).  

Note: we are using same java code, and tested with MySQL 8

Requesting community to help me here 


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this looks more about your product configuration rather than IA issue

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