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InstallANywhere created exe doesn't work if the exe name is modified


If after creation of the installanywhere exe I change its name before execution then the exe gets corrupted, is there any way to overcome this i.e. say if i have created abc.exe through InstallAnywhere and before execution I modify the name to xyz.exe then I am not able to execute this.

Please provide a way out for this problem

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Level 20

This would work in older versions of IA, i.e. whenever the .exe setup was finished you could renamed whatever you wanted and it worked (I still do that in my build process), maybe this is a regression in IA2011 (or some new security mechanism?)
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Level 3

This was a regression in IA 2011. I had the same problem after upgrading from IA 2009 to IA 2011. Just a few days ago I received a response to my support incident that a fix is currently available: Hopefully this solves your problem.
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I have created my installer using enterprise edition. Changing the binary name does work for me on Windows and HP-UX platforms.

I am executing the binary from explorer in windows and terminal (bourne shell). Where are you trying to execute your (name modified) binary from?
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It would be hard to fix the problem if they didn't have access to the code.
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IA 2011 SP1 does not include provided patch? Why?
Will this be a special feature and if you will not want to have it you will have to apply a special patch?
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