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Information on linux packaging and installation tools

I am an InstallShield user and most of my work has been for Windows so far.

Now there is a chance that I need to deal with other OSs like Linux (and probably also Unix/Mac). I would like to get in touch available packaging/installation tools for different OSs now days, since I am an InstallShield user, the first one jumping in my mind is InstallAnywhere, but I never used it and want to know what other are there, and what's the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Links to articles/descriptions/blogs are also very appreciated.

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Level 20

Asking such a question in an IA forum is a little bit awkward, so I would recommend you start from here:

Otherwise, depending on the Linux flavor, you might deal with specific packaging (like RPM for RedHat and like) or .deb packages (for Debian and like).

Unices have their own packages (I know for Solaris, not sure, but most likely for HP-UX, AIX etc.)

And finally I think Mac OS X has its own packaging...
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