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IS 9 and French W7 as SYSTEM gives -5006 : 0x80070003

We are not using latest install shield, but 9 and this seems to be popping up in a very unique situation.

An install (interactive or silent) under a normal id with admin auth works, but a French customer came to us and wants to do remote silent installs using Microsoft SMS which we are told under the covers uses psexec \\node -i -s -d ... to do remote install as nt authority\system.

It actually hangs for them, but knowing it uses psexec (MS secondary tool that is part of pstools), they found it interactively produces an IS error -5006 : 0x80070003 immediately and before any of our install logic kicks in (IS panel says "preparing").

There system is actually a French W7 (vs a US W7 reset to French). IS 9 and psexec -i -s -d cmd ... works just fine on a US W7. Another division has a IS2011 install that also works ok on the French W7.

We further, isolated this to a fresh French W7 and psexec, however, it happens after the language selection screen, but still while in the preparing stage.

We hadn't had IS problems in years and planned to move to (and have) Anywhere lic and (of course) dropped IS 9 support (about a year ago). We are going to see, if a IS2011 rebuild (possibly today) with our other division is a solution, but hate to go this route long term for various logistical reasons if this is just some messed up registry that can be tweaked.

Can anyone help on this?
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Level 2

Our final resolution on this was an upgrade to IS2012 which went fairly painlessly (much to our surprise as there had been naysayers warning against this).
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