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IA project build on commandline with missing resources

My IA project has building configurations for several platforms (win, linux, aix, solaris)

At the moment we have our project setup so if resources are missing when we fire a command line build then the setup build will fail. this is great as it traps occurrences of when we accidently omit files which need to be there. However it presents me with a problem.

For each of the different platforms i have a set of platform specific binaries which get included in the built setup. for the build to be successful all the files referred to by either source paths or speed folders need to be present. 

But if i want to build a setup for say linux only i still need to have all the other platform binaries referred to by the installer present on the filesystem otherwise the build files.

Is there a way to process the IA project file to create an intermediate temporary project file for a particular build configuration - that way i can build for each platform without needing to have the files specific for that build on the filesystem ?

It would allow me to switch off builds in my pipeline - and that would be really useful !

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