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How to stop installation when an error occurs during the install phase(console mode)

The requirement is to exit the installation prematurely if any error is encountered during the process of installation.

In case if an error is encountered during the "install" phase of installation [i.e. after Pre-install phase],I am using "Show Message Dialog" action with only 'Exit' button and am forcing the user to prematurely 'Exit' the installation. I have added a 'Rule' for this message dialog box by using "$INSTALL_SUCCESS$" variable. This dialog box pops up only when the "$INSTALL_SUCCESS$" does not equal to SUCCESS.

So far so good,its working fine as expected. But this happens only in GUI mode. Here are my questions

1) How can we implement the same behavior for console mode?
2) Like implementing CustomCodeConsoleAction(s) in the Pre-install phase, is it possible to implement CustomCode for Console actions in "install" phase also?
3) If the user prematurely exits the installation, then, is there an option to revert the changes done by the installer[such as removing the file/folder/entries created in the installation directory/registries etc]?

How many of the above three can be achieved using the InstallAnywhere 2008 VP1 Enterprise Edition installer?
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Level 3

If anyone has worked on [or know about] the issues mentioned above, please do share it.

Thanks in advance.
-- Bharath --
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