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How to specify jjvm path explicitely from command line?

I am looking for a way to specify jvm path explicitely to installer from command line.

There might be a case when bundled VM pack in not working and installer is ending up with a error message like Can not find a valid java vertual machine to load. You may need to reinstall a supported Java vertual machine.

In above case is there any way we can explicitely specify a alternative jvm to installer on command line? For example installer.exe jre_path=C:\temp\ so that installation can be procceed.
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Hi Praveen,

From the command line pass the following command so that your installer will lauch successfully.

Before you launch the installer. Install the JAVA of which version you wanted your installer to pick

install.exe LAX_VM C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java

This will launch your installer successfully.

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Level 3

Thanks a bunch!! 🙂 It worked. 😄
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