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How to execute custom action in a merge module from main module?

Hi all,

I have a merge module, that copies certain files and executes a custom action. The files should be copied to a location specified by user and then, from those files, a batch file should be executed.

For copying the files to a customized location, i am using TARGETDIR as the destination for the components in the merge module. However since i cannot execute a custom action in a merge module, i am executing it from the main module. The problem is i am unable to hand over the variable TARGETDIR (that contains the user specified installation location)to the main module. It is throwing an error.

How can i retrieve the path that user has specified, in the main module?
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Use the Advertised variables feature in your MergeModule.
Then when you import your merge module, you can set variables from the parent to the mm.
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