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How can I get the path where installer resides

Hi, all

I'm generating an CD-ROM Installer using IA 2011 on Linux Platform. My program A will depend on an third-party program B to install first. So I plan to put this program B installer under the DISK1 and when I run my own program A installer and it will run the program B first.

My question is how can I run this program B , I tried to use "Execute Command" Action , using a relative path "../../programB", But it will reports the error " Cannot run program "../../programB": error=2, No such file or directory"

How these two installer are located in the DISK1 is like below:

can Anybody tell me how to run the programB installer in the program A installer.

Best Regards
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Level 4

Ok, I just found the variable $EXTRACTOR_DIR$ contains the path where the launcher resides.
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