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Level 2

Help regarding resizing Panel Get user input "prompt" frame


In the last step of installation where the "install Complete" is shown. We have to show the some details and ask for a user input.


Install Complete

Congratulations. $NAME$ has been successfully installed to:<BR /><BR /> $INSTALL_DIR$<BR /><BR />Press "Done" to quit the installer.<BR />

here above if the "name" and "install dir" is long enough, it moves out of the given frame and shown cutted.

Where can i change the panel->getuserinput->prompt -> framesize.

or is there any way or option it is set to auto.. or scroll...

thnx in adv
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Level 2

Was a solution ever found for this? :confused:

I now have exactly the same problem with more text than the prompt field can handle but can't find any way of getting the prompt to display all the information needed. e.g by scroll bars 😞
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