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Level 3

Error while loading project

I have a parent project with 4 merge modules included.
I was working for few days and suddenly I started to get this message when opening the parent project:
Project Load Warning
You are attempt to open an InstallAnywhere Project created by a higher edition of InstallAnywhere...

(screen attached)
I'm using IA2012 SP1.

Could you please advice?


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Level 3

Have you made any changes to InstallAnywhere at all? Updates, newer version (2011 -> 2012), installed SP1? Anything?
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Level 7

Hi you are using VM machine to install the installer? if you are using VM machine please make sure the %temp% folder is available or not . if %temp% folder is not available please restart the your VM machine.

Navigation : run --> %temp% if folder not available the create the folder in specified path shown in warning popup window otherwise restart the machine then problem get solved.
======= run --> shutdown -r
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