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Level 6

Controlling "Check Disk Space" automated message

I have check disk space enabled for my application, and the following is written to the log:-

Check Disk Space: C:\Program Files\My_App
Additional Notes: NOTE - Required Disk Space: 207,800,332; Free Disk Space: 480,226,000,853

Since I explicitly write to the log, elsewhere, the disk space in MB, I do not need these messages.

Is there a way to disable these automated messages? (it confuses the customers.)

Even better still, is there a way to force the reporting here to be in MB or at least have the units (Bytes) written as part of this message?

I could not find a possibility in the API.

Thank you in advance.
PS I succeed in writing the disk space explicity to the log using the relevant variables - where I need help is controlling the system generated messages.
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Level 20

I'm afraid that these logs are hardcoded and cannot be avoided. I remember filling a bug report regarding these values written in more relevant units (MBytes) but I'm not sure if it had been fixed.
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Level 6

Thank you.
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