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Can we change the installer path from Disk1\Instdata\VM\Setup.exe to Disk1\Setup.exe?

We have InstallAnywhere Enterprise 2009 SP1 to build our product's installer. For our product, we require to create CD-ROM installers. When we do that using InstallAnywhere 2009 SP1, the installer Setup.exe gets created deep inside a folder structure as , "Disk1\Instdata\VM\Setup.exe" if we select an option on bundling VM. :confused:

Usually this is not the case if we create installer using any other software, say InstallShield. The setup.exe is placed directly under the Disk1 folder.

Hence I would like to know if we can implement similar kind of folder structure, say, Disk1\Setup.exe or Setup\Setup.exe for our installer. If we can, could you please let us know how and the settings we need to choose to be able to do so.
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Level 20

I don't think this is possible. But you can always copy the setup to whatever folder you like!
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The location cann't be changed, and if contents are altered manually after creating installer it will corrupt the installer. Any change in this directory structure corrupts the installer.

Chetan Chatwani
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